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January 27, 2010

We have room for up to 150 more dealers in our beautiful newly opened rooms. Please come check it out and land with us for the winter. the weather is always beautiful indoors. Dealer day is Wednesday 9-6 and Friday 12-6. Please note that these times are only for dealers or people wishing to join us not for shopping.



January 26, 2010

We are having our first annual “BIKES ARE SWEEEEET” Sweetheart Bicycle show. The Sunday after Valentines day.
02/21/2010 ALL DAY
To learn more about it go to

All makes and models from Antique Highwheelers, hard tire safeties, balloon tire cruisers, Stingray style to modern Road and Mountain Bikes will be represented.
Show Starts at 7 am (dealer setup is 5 am)
Admission is free to the public. Only $25 for vendor space.
Our last bike show was jammed with bikes and parts and accessories AND PEOPLE.
If you have bikes or parts or bike related items and you want to put them in our auction Call 1-800-336-BIKE (2453) and ask for Mike
Bicycles Bought sold and traded at the Flea market every weekend all year long but even more so during our 4 annual Bike shows

NEW and IMPROVING every week

July 30, 2009

“OUR FAME IS GROWING…….We continue to attract great new exhibitors and our advertising and promotional efforts have met with notable success……Serious buyers, some from as far away as Atlanta and Las Vegas, have visited in the last several weeks AND spent money here…….One was overheard pleading ‘I could spend ten hours here,’ as his family tugged at his sleeves to take them to a late afternoon meal…….In addition, we saw many new faces on the way to or from the Brimfield summer flea market……Last weekend saw happy shoppers leaving here with small furniture purchases, piles of vintage advertising signs, books and paper antiques, jewelry items, collectibles, toys, gifts and more”

AUCTIONS coming soon

July 29, 2009

We are working on two beautiful rooms to have regular auctions for our dealers and open to the general public as well. We will keep you posted when these begin. Anyone can consign and there will be bargains galore as we sell lots of museum quality items at great prices.

Exciting new dealers at the DO RIGHT flea market

July 29, 2009

There are many new dealers that have moved into the Flea market with lots of fresh and varied “merch” Soon we will be hosting a large collection of Railroadiana and transportation items. Come check it out. The weather is always fine indoors here.

June Splashes On…

June 22, 2009

HAPPY BELATED FATHER’S DAY to all dads out there.

The past weekend was busier than the last with more dealers filling spaces with their wares and more customers passing through the doors. Despite Sunday being Father’s Day, there was a lot of steady traffic into both rooms of the flea market.

A lot of people said “Wow!” as they entered the door coming from the parking lot. It’s looking great, and getting better each weekend.

Pictures to come soon!

Rolling through June

June 18, 2009

Last weekend was pretty good for us at Do-Right Flea Market.
A couple of new dealers, and a whole bunch of new merchandise brought in mostly by Robert and Jim. Lee and Donna continue to draw business with their coins and jewelry, and the back room has a steady stream of customers exiting with plastic bags of recently acquired goodies.

I was trying not to buy anything so I only spent a few dollars at Chris’ tables of vinyl records and sound equipment, and I bought a couple small gifts from Jerry’s tables.

Additional dealers are signed-on for this coming weekend of the 21st and 22nd of June, so if you need to find a Father’s Day gift or feel like browsing, please stop by. We open at 7:00AM on Saturday and Sunday and close at 3:30 PM.


Second Time Around

June 1, 2009

The Do-Right Flea Market was a bit busier this past weekend. A slow morning on Sunday picked up a lot just before lunchtime, and the front parking lot was full. That was good to see.

To all customers and our dealers:


We’ll be here next weekend and we have more things to catch up on and fix this week. Mosty moving and organizing and cleaning up.

Your comments are appreciated. Feel free to tell us what you liked and what you didn’t like and we’ll make a good-faith effort to improve the current conditions.

As for me, I got a wonderful old thing-a-ma-bob which I will put to use over the next few months. The previous owner had maintained it meticulously. I’m pretty psyched, because I didn’t have to go shopping around for it.
It was sitting there waiting for me.

The expression “They don’t make them like THAT anymore.” applies.
Many products aren’t made as well these days, and if you can find high-quality items, they tend to be high-end and very expensive.

Oh, I got it for a great price, too with no shipping charges.

Enjoy your week, and we hope to see you this weekend.

Goodbye, Cranston Print Works

May 28, 2009

Friday (tomorrow) is Cranston Print Works last day of operation at the Webster mill. This mill was first built as the East Village Mill of the Slater industrial empire and will end its run as the oldest operating textile mill in America. The Cranston Print Works mill in Webster is the big red brick compound you pass right as you leave or enter the on-ramp for I-395 at Webster and where state Route 16 ends and Route 12 bends west to pass through the heart of Webster.

Story reported by WBUR in Boston.

The manufacturing process will take place overseas.

This pretty much says it all.

Businesses need move production to keep operating and remain competitive, but others lose their livelihoods. It’s a tough world.


Wet Outside – Dry Inside

May 27, 2009

Our opening weekend went quite well, and we have more to do inside and out. Thankfully we got a lot of outside work completed Tuesday, primarily due to the efforts of our hardest worker, but with others pitching in. He’s also completed some walls around the bathroom entrances and we’ve got plenty to do.

Our dealers made out fine for the opening weekend despite being a holiday and generally slow for flea markets. And more dealers are coming to load in today to restock and freshen and arrange tables for this weekend, the 30th and 31st of May.

The rain is welcome after a dry week, and it will interesting to see how the mill stream handles the flow from Low Pond, Merino Pond (map), and several ponds upstream that feed it. It’s a good time for fishing, so get your license if you’re 15 years old or more and test your angling abilities.

Lake Chargoggagomanchugagogchaubunagungamog (map) is one of many stocked with trout by the Commonwealth Department of Fish and Game which has other pond maps available.