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January 27, 2010

We have room for up to 150 more dealers in our beautiful newly opened rooms. Please come check it out and land with us for the winter. the weather is always beautiful indoors. Dealer day is Wednesday 9-6 and Friday 12-6. Please note that these times are only for dealers or people wishing to join us not for shopping.



January 26, 2010

We are having our first annual “BIKES ARE SWEEEEET” Sweetheart Bicycle show. The Sunday after Valentines day.
02/21/2010 ALL DAY
To learn more about it go to

All makes and models from Antique Highwheelers, hard tire safeties, balloon tire cruisers, Stingray style to modern Road and Mountain Bikes will be represented.
Show Starts at 7 am (dealer setup is 5 am)
Admission is free to the public. Only $25 for vendor space.
Our last bike show was jammed with bikes and parts and accessories AND PEOPLE.
If you have bikes or parts or bike related items and you want to put them in our auction Call 1-800-336-BIKE (2453) and ask for Mike
Bicycles Bought sold and traded at the Flea market every weekend all year long but even more so during our 4 annual Bike shows