NEW and IMPROVING every week

“OUR FAME IS GROWING…….We continue to attract great new exhibitors and our advertising and promotional efforts have met with notable success……Serious buyers, some from as far away as Atlanta and Las Vegas, have visited in the last several weeks AND spent money here…….One was overheard pleading ‘I could spend ten hours here,’ as his family tugged at his sleeves to take them to a late afternoon meal…….In addition, we saw many new faces on the way to or from the Brimfield summer flea market……Last weekend saw happy shoppers leaving here with small furniture purchases, piles of vintage advertising signs, books and paper antiques, jewelry items, collectibles, toys, gifts and more”


4 Responses to “NEW and IMPROVING every week”

  1. Doug Wootton Says:

    I was in today and reallly enjoyed the recent additions of all of the Airplanes, the helecopter and snow mobiles. You need some classic & muscle cars a few Harleys and Indians would look cool too!
    I would love to see more old automobilia and classic car related items.
    Doug Wootton

  2. Doug Wootton Says:

    I would love to see some old gas pumps too

  3. The Phantom Phleamarketeer Says:

    I couldn’t disagree with Doug Wootton more…the wife and I visited again last Saturday (we try to get over there two or three times a month)…although it’s interesting to see the aircraft, horse-drawn vehicles, snowmobiles, etc., the first time, we don’t want to see them weekly in an antiques and collectibles marketplace…those things may be collectible to the well-healed in a better economy, but give us more affordable stuff we can load up and take home…we’d like to see more dealers like the guy just inside the front door that had the busts and mannequins, etc….he appears to have sold a number of those, and his stock is constantly changing…likewise for the guy with the white beard just down the row…he’s got great vintage books, pictures, photographs, antiques, etc., and seems to bring huge amounts of fresh merchandise every week…we’ve bought a good amount of things from these and other dealers and, either enjoy them in our decor, or re-sell them online (OMG, did I say that out loud?)…in any event, the Do-Right has given us something unique to look forward to as a couple, and brought us closer together in the process.

  4. old guy w/white beard Says:

    discovered this on Craigslist just last week and thought I’d pass it along–“WORLD’S MOST INTERESTING FLEA MARKET – DUDLEY……OK, maybe not the WORLD’S, but certainly Southern New England’s. The family and I discovered this previously unknown gem while out for a ride last Sunday. It has everything. OK, maybe not EVERYTHING, but lots of stuff you won’t find anywhere else. From the minute you walk in the door you’re dazzled by what looks to be a three-story high ceiling. There’s Antiques to Zithers, with so much more in between–art, Cruella DeVille’s automobile, antique bicycles, books, etc., etc. I could go on and on but, hey, they’re not paying me. Looking for a fun experience on Saturday or Sunday, show up at the Do-Right Flea Market. It’s on Route 12 in Dudley, a few steps from the Webster town line. Almost forgot–they have a disc jockey. First time we’ve been to a flea market with a sound track.”

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