June Splashes On…

HAPPY BELATED FATHER’S DAY to all dads out there.

The past weekend was busier than the last with more dealers filling spaces with their wares and more customers passing through the doors. Despite Sunday being Father’s Day, there was a lot of steady traffic into both rooms of the flea market.

A lot of people said “Wow!” as they entered the door coming from the parking lot. It’s looking great, and getting better each weekend.

Pictures to come soon!


One Response to “June Splashes On…”

  1. The Phantom Phleamarketeer Says:

    The wife and I went for the second weekend in a row–they’ve only been open about a month…the building is fabulous, about 150 years old, and a “must see”…what a great hall for a new flea!…lots of one-of-a-kind stuff, like an Elvis light bulb sign that must be 10′ tall…a guy named Jimmy brought a life-size Vlasic Pickles mascot doll… they have dozens of vintage bicycles and toys…another dealer has incredibly decorated busts, mannequins, and purses…one woman has a booth full of unusual paintings…the new old guy with the white beard has great antique items, plus 1000’s of books, prints, magazines, photographs, advertising items, nineteenth-century maps, etc…another guy has a boothful of collectible rock-and-roll albums…the second room is chock full of stuff–decorative, utilitarian, wearable…all in all, we spent about 2 1/2 hours touring the place and buying things we couldn’t possibly live without…it was an interesting day for both of us, so much so that the wife held my hand on the way out, smiled and thanked me, then took me out to dinner later in the day…and that’s a very good thing!…we’ll be back!

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