Second Time Around

The Do-Right Flea Market was a bit busier this past weekend. A slow morning on Sunday picked up a lot just before lunchtime, and the front parking lot was full. That was good to see.

To all customers and our dealers:


We’ll be here next weekend and we have more things to catch up on and fix this week. Mosty moving and organizing and cleaning up.

Your comments are appreciated. Feel free to tell us what you liked and what you didn’t like and we’ll make a good-faith effort to improve the current conditions.

As for me, I got a wonderful old thing-a-ma-bob which I will put to use over the next few months. The previous owner had maintained it meticulously. I’m pretty psyched, because I didn’t have to go shopping around for it.
It was sitting there waiting for me.

The expression “They don’t make them like THAT anymore.” applies.
Many products aren’t made as well these days, and if you can find high-quality items, they tend to be high-end and very expensive.

Oh, I got it for a great price, too with no shipping charges.

Enjoy your week, and we hope to see you this weekend.


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